Overview of Environmental Lands Ride Options

Sarasota's Environmental Lands offer a good open space alternative to riding on the Legacy Trail and the Venetian Waterway Trail.  This is a different type of riding.  You are on your own so be prepared when you ride here.  These are gravel and grass/dirt roads that can be ridden by bikes that have 1.5" and wider tires.  Bicycles with suspension will make for a smoother ride but are not required.  Class 1 E-bikes are allowed and encouraged because they may allow the rider to see more of the lands  The highlighted roads are just a fraction of the 100+ miles of roads/trails that are accessible.  After you become comfortable with the options that are shown go explore more of the area.  Check out the individual maps for each of the preserves in other sections of this site for more detailed information.  There are also an additional 30 miles of single track that are not shown here on which mountain bikes are recommended.   View the map below and download the PDF.

Overview of Environmental Lands Ride Options
Gravel Routes 1.25.21.pdf
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Ride what you got! Here is an aero road bike with skinny tires at the Slough Bridge on South Powerline Trail.