Carlton, MCEP, WMS, DPC Loop

Carlton, MCEP, Warm Mineral Springs, Deer Prairie Creek Loop
This is a 30+ mile long mixed surface bicycle loop that connects several environmental open spaces and utilizes some lightly traveled paved street in North Port. The loop uses 50% unpaved surfaces and 50% paved. The loop as shown uses one of several possible routes thru North Port. The detail of this route can be seen by following the accompanying Strava link.
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The following map shows one possible variation for this loop.  As shown it uses a specific route thru North Port but there are many variations that you can ride between MCEP and Warm Mineral Springs.  Water is available at MCEP though it is highly chlorinated.  Water and a limited selection of drinks and snacks are available at Warm Mineral Springs concession. It is recommended that you carry enough water to ride the entire loop in case WMS is not open.  There are also many route variations thru Deer Prairie Creek Preserve.  The one shown below is a "dry foot" variation that does not require crossing the weir.  A more straightforward "wet foot" variation crosses the weir and proceeds straight north to Forbes Trail extension that parallels I75.  This loop can be ridden either clockwise or counter-clockwise but clockwise is recommended in order to avoid having to cross over US41 for a .5 mile section.