Proposed Road Bond Repaving Bicycle infrastructure improvements.




Here is the list of the road in priority order of repaving for Venice. I’ve also included roads to add bike lanes and sharrows on. Feel free to look through and see if I missed any. (D Culpepper)


  • Alhambra from Harbor to dead end – bike lane 

  • Armada from Park to Venice and Venice to Harbor – sharrows

  • Ave Des Parques from Granada to Menendez – bike lane

  • Camion from Warfield to Seaboard – bike lane

  • Country Club Way from Venice to Gulf Coast – bike lane

  • Cypress from Warfield to US 41 – sharrows

  • Lucaya from Albee Farm to Pinebrook – sharrows

  • Menendez from Harbor to Park – bike lane

  • Milan from Pensacola to US 41 – sharrows

  • Nassau from St Augustine to Sovrano – sharrows

  • Nokomis from Venice to Tampa – sharrows

  • Nokomis from Field to Airport – sharrows

  • Nokomis from San Marco to Field – bike lane

  • Santa Maria from St Augustine to Nokomis – sharrows

  • Seaboard from Venice to US 41 – bike lanes

  • Sorrento from Harbor to Salerno – bike lane

  • St Augustine from Nassau to Tampa – sharrows

  • Tarpon from Harbor to Nassau – sharrows

  • Triple Diamond – bike lane

  • Verona from Venezia to Harbor – bike lane 

 From Darlene Culpepper, Venice Bike/Pedestrian Co-ordinator

SLC 6/7/17