Recap of 6/8/17 Venice Area Bike/Ped Advocacy Group Meeting


Recap of the 6/8/17 Venice Area Bike/Ped Advocacy (VAB/PAG) meeting


  • Thanks to all that attended the kickoff meeting for this advocacy group.  We had 25 attendees with a broad range of backgrounds.  The one thing that we all had in common was that we are all from somewhere else and we now call the Venice area our home.  Though we all walk to get around town it was primarily a bicycle centric group so we need to recruit more walkers to join in the discussion.

  • Included in the attachment is a list of the ideas that we compiled in the Brainstorming Session.  They are listed in no particular order.  We will revisit and prioritize these in a future meeting.

  • Also in the attachment is a list of roads are scheduled to repaved with Road Bond Funds that Venice city staff are recommending getting bike lanes or sharrows.  The attachment includes the entire list of roads scheduled for repaving.  Review these lists and provide feedback as to these streets and others that would be candidates for bicycle infrastructure.

  • As per recommendations from the group, a Ghost Bike has been placed at the intersection of 41 Business/Bypass as a memorial for Mickey Johnson.  You can view this in a Facebook post at Bike Venice Florida.  Those that are on Facebook should “Like” the Bike Venice Florida FB page.  VAB/PAG related information will be posted there.

  • Considerable group discussion involved the subject of Wayfinding.  Wayfinding involves maps but also a lot more.  Several years ago Steve Christian was involved in a “Legacy of Trails Initiative” that was facilitated by the Gulf Coast Community Foundation.  The complete document describing that initiative can be found under the “Legacy of Trails Initiative” tab at    One of the 3 priorities in the initiative was Wayfinding and its vision for a comprehensive community-wide wayfinding system is more applicable now than ever.  The Wayfinding conclusion section of the report is in the attachment.  A starting point for the overall wayfinding system is maps.   We need your ideas as to what the revised City of Venice Bike Map should look like.  There are less than 1000 of the current revision of map available.  Sarasota County is also in the process of producing a county-wide bike map and there should be some synergy between the projects.  Producing and printing a revised City of Venice Bike Map should be a priority in the bike/ped related expenditures in the Venice 2018 budget.

  • Tom Jacobs and Steve Christian will meet this week with city of Venice staff to discuss the Brainstorming Session ideas from the meeting.  They will also continue the discussion as to where to spend the $25,000 in the capital budget for bike/ped infrastructure projects.

  • Venice Area Bike/Ped Advocacy meeting related information is posted at the website under the Bike Walk Venice tab.  Regular VAB/PAG related posts will be made on the Bike Venice Florida Facebook page.

  • The next VAB/PAG meeting will be July 6, 2017 at 7:00 PM in the Community Room in City Hall.   


Attachment as per recap.