is a source for on road and off road cycling information in the Venice and Sarasota County area.  

Visit and "Like" the "SCORR Riders" Facebook page for timely information of off road riding and volunteer trail building and maintenance opportunities.  SCORR is always looking for volunteers to help with new trail building and maintenance of the 30+ miles of single track.

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The Legacy Trail is now open all the way to Payne Park and Fruitville Road in Sarasota.

City of Venice Bicycle Map includes a designated 13 mile "Venice Island Loop."  The Legacy Trail/Venetian Waterway Park map shows how to ride 30 miles without ever having to worry about motor vehicle traffic. 

The Boldlygo Trail is a 13 mile long biking/hiking loop accessible from the Carlton Reserve parking lot. 

The South of Border Trail is a 5 mile long biking/hiking singletrack loop at the Lincer Preserve.

SCORR has built and maintains 30 miles of singletrack biking/hiking trails in the Venice area.

The "Ride Here" section includes 18 Venice area paved cycling loops that the locals ride.  In particular the "Depot to Dirt" is a route from the Train Depot to out Sarasota County's environmental lands east of Venice.  It is a paved route with a taste of gravel for those with the appropriate bicycle. 

The North Port Connector is a plan to connect Venice with North Port via trails. As part of the successful $60 million referendum to extend the Legacy Trail to downtown Sarasota, $2.0 million has been committed for the construction of a connector trail to North Port.  The North Port Connector route that has been selected for upgrade will pass through Deer Prairie Creek Preserve and connect the east end of South Forbes to the west end of Price Blvd. Another existing connector uses the Powerline corridor through the Carlton Reserve to Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park (MCEP).  A pedestrian/equestrian bridge was completed in September 2016 that connects South Powerline Trail to MCEP.   

This is from "A Place We Call Home" segment about the Carlton Reserve from WWSB CH7 news.

Here are a few words from Steve Christian about cycling in the Venice area.